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Romanised Teochew Words

In TPB system of Romanised Teochew, each Romanised Teochew word consists of one or more letters of the Roman alphabet, plus tone indicator(s), as well as tone change where required and nasal indicator where required.

My Romanised Teochew system is meant for Teochews brought up in English-speaking environment or other English speakers interested in Teochew.   It is easier to learn and remember than other systems of Romanised Teochew.   It is even easier for those who understand international phonetics used in English as well as know a little Teochew and preferably know the tones used in Mandarin.   In my system, instead of learning the 8 tones in the Teochew language (dialect) as 8 new tones, the learner need only to learn two extra tones beyond those used by Mandarin and yet the 8 tones in the Teochew are fully represented. Compared to other systems of Romanised Teochew, mine is systematic, accurate and easier to remember. Thus Teochew words pronounced according to my system of Romanised Teochew would be easily understood by Teochew speakers, without ambiguity.


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