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Compound Words

Where two or more Romanised Teochew words mean a person, a creature, a thing, an action or a concept, the words are joined together so that they become easier to be identified as a person, a creature, a thing, an action or a concept.



“gu1 thao1”, i.e. cow head, becomes “gu10thao1”.

“ji2 zab1”, i.e. twenty, becomes “ji20zab1”.

 “sa`3 zab1”, i.e. thirty, becomes “sa`3zab1”.

 “zui4 gu1”, i.e. buffalo, becomes “zui42gu1”.

 “zui4 gu1 thao1”, i.e. buffalo head, becomes “zui42gu10thao1”.

 “si5 zab1”, i.e. forty, becomes “si54zab1” (variant “si51zag1”)

 “tui0 thao1”, i.e. team leader, becomes “tui0thao1”.

“zab1 ji2”, i.e. twelve, becomes “zab10ji2”.

 “ziad1 me4”, i.e. eat quickly, becomes “ziad10me4

 “Hug1 zou4”, i.e. Buddha, becomes “Hug10zou4”.

 “hib0 hib0”, i.e. stuffy, becomes “hib01hib0”.

 “bad0 cho5”, i.e. minced meat, becomes “bad01cho5”.

 “ped0 ji2”, i.e. 120, becomes “ped01ji2”.


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