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Common Phrases

Click each Romanised Teochew word or phrase to listen to how the Teochew word or phrase is pronounced.
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Direct Translation

Have you eaten?  *

Ziad10 pa4 bue20? 

Eat full not yet? 

Have Eaten.

Ziad10 pa4 lou0.

Eat full already.

Please sit down.

Chia`42 zo2.

Invite sit.

Please have a drink (non-alcoholic)

Chia`42 ziad10 zui4.

Invite drink water.

Please have a drink (alcoholic)

Chia`42 ziad10 ziu4.

Invite drink wine/alcoholic drink.

Many thanks (or Thank you).


Many thanks.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Feelings/touching thanks.

No need to be courteous.

Mein42khe54 khi5. (Mian42 khe54 khi5.)

No need guest air.

Grandchild: Grandma, please eat.

Grandchild: A3ma4 ziad4.

Grandchild: Grandma eat.

Grandma: Lets eat.

Grandma: Ziad4.

Grandma: Eat.

May I know your full name?

Chia`42 mng0 ler4 kui54 se`5 tua0 mia1?

Invite ask you precious surname big name?

My surname is Tan and my name is Timothy.

Ua4 se`54 Tan1, mia10 kio54 Timothy.

I surname Tan, name called Timothy.

What is your name?

Ler4 kio54 si20mi54 mia1?

You call what name?

I am Timothy

Ua4 kio54 Timothy.

I called Timothy

Hello, may I speak to Renée?

Ha3lou2, chia`42 kio54 Renée thia`10 tian20ue0.

Hello, invite call Renée listen electric spoken words.

Hello, who are you?

Ha3lou2, ler4 si20 ti0tian1?

Hello, you are who?

I am her friend, Timothy.

Ua4 si20 i3kai10 phen10iu4, Timothy.

I is her friend, Timothy.

OK, wait a second.

Ho4, tan4 zeig10e0.

Good, wait one time.

Who phoned just now? Than10za4 ti10tian10 kha54 tian20ue0 lai1? Just now who knock/struck electric spoken words come?
Who phoned just now? Than10za4 ti10tian10 kha54 tian2 lai1? Just now who knock/struck electricity come?

It was Timothy.

Si20 Timothy.

Was Timothy.

Joshua, have you showered?

Joshua, ler4 zan10 eig1 bue0?

Joshua, you shower not yet?

I have showered. Ua4 zan10 eig1 lou0. I showered already.

Have showered.

Zan10 eig1 lou0.

Showered already.

Watch movies

Thoi`42 tian10ia`4

Watch electric shadow

Watch television

Thoi`42 tian10si2

Watch electric look

Electric torchlight


Hand electric

Mobile phone


Hand machine



Electric spoken words

How much (is it selling for)?

Zo3 ni10 boi0?

How sell?

How much (money)? Jiod10zoi0 g`in1? How much silver?

How much (money)?

Jiod10zoi0 zi1?

How much money?

What is the price?

Ke54zi`1 jiod10zoi0?

Price how much?

Eighteen dollars and forty cents.

Zab10poid01 khou3 si54kag0.

Eighteen pieces four corners.

Eighteen dollars and forty cents.

Zab10poid01 g`uan1 si54zab10 hun3.

Eighteen dollars forty cents.

*This is the Teochew way of saying “How are you?”


Teochew Words & Phrases

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