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Teochew Sayings

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Teochew Sayings

Direct Translation

Proper Translation

Chinese New Year Greetings:



in3zia`3 ju10 i5.

New year according wish.

(Wish you) the new year would be according to your wishes.

Tan10tan10 ju10i5.

Same same according wish.

Same wishes to you.

Sin3ni1 khuai54lag1, sin3ni1 kian20khan3 .

New year happy, New year healthy.

(Wish you a) happy new year (and a) healthy new year.




How to marry and eat well:



Ai`54 choa0 g`ia42 bou4, Sou3Lag10Nio1; Ai`54 ziad10 ho42 her1, ped10tou42chio`3.

Wish marry in beautiful wife, Sou Lag Nio; Wish eat good fish, white-belly pomfret.

(If you) wish to marry a beautiful wife, (look for  someone who looks like the famous Teochew beauty) Sou Lag Nio; (if you) wish to eat good fish, (it would be) white pomfret (a delicious but expensive fish).




Showing little interest in buying:



Ziad10pa4 boi42 pao3.

Eat full buy bun.

Buying buns when (you have) already eaten, i.e. showing little interest in buying.




How to Live:



Ziad10 me4, kia`10 me4;
ua`54 ug1, za42 che`4

Eat fast, walk fast; late sleep, early wakeup.

Eat fast, walk fast; go to sleep late but early to rise.




Good things do not last forever:



Nan1 bo10 chai`3 jig10 ho4, ;
hue3 bo10 ped01 jig10 an1

People don’t have thousand days good, flowers don’t have hundred days red.

No one stays healthy for 1000 days,

No flower blooms for 100 days.




Effect on relationship by separation:



Zeg10ni1 ziao3,
no20ni1 hiao3,
sa`3ni1 pan54pan54 tiao0.

One year worried, two years heartless, three years let go.

Feel worried in the first year of separation, become heartless in the second year, let go (feelings/relationship) in the third year.


Note: More Teochew Sayings will be added as when I remember.

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