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Sightsee Teochew Prefecture


My relatives and I visited Teochew Prefecture in April 2005, covering the port city Sua`3Thao1 (Shantou 汕 头), Tio`10Ziu3 (Chaozhou   潮 州) City, Then10Hai4 (Chenghai 澄 海) County, Tio`10Io`1 (Chaoyang 潮 阳) County, Keg10Io`1 (Jieyang 揭 阳) City, Phou42Len1 (Pu'ning 普 宁) county, Hui20Lai1 (Huilai 惠 莱) county and Nam10O`5 (Nan'ao 南 澳) Island. In 2011, my relatives and I visited Phou42Len1 (Pu'ning 普 宁) county, Tio`10Ziu3 (Chaozhou   潮 州) City, Jiao10Phen1 (Raoping 饒 平) County, Then10Hai4 (Chenghai 澄 海) County and the port city Sua`3Thao1 (Shantou 汕 头). Click below for Map, Text and Photo Slides.

Map of Teochew Prefecture                   


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1.  Sua`3Thao1 (Shantou 汕 头) City

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2.  Tio`10Ziu3 (Chaozhou 潮 州) City

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3.  Then10Hai4 (Chenghai 澄 海) County

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4.  Nam10O`5 (Nan'ao 南 澳) Island

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5.  Tio`10Io`1 (Chaoyang 潮 阳) County

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6.  Keg10Io`1 (Jieyang 揭 阳) City

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7.  Phou42Len1 (Pu'ning普 宁) County

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8.  Hui20Lai1 (Huilai 惠 莱) County

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9.  Jiao10Phen1 (Raoping 饒 平) County

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