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Teochew Prefecture

Teochew (Tio`10Ziu3) Prefecture is in the northeast region of Guangdong Province (广 东 省 Kng42Tan3Se`4), China. Teochew Prefecture was first named Tio`10Ziu3 (潮 州 Chaozhou) in 591 A.D. Teochew language and culture evolved in Teochew City and spread to other parts of Teochew Prefecture and beyond to Shanwei Prefecture and southern part of Fujian Province.


Now this region is more popularly called Chaoshan (潮 汕 Tio`10 Sua`3) because, for a while after 1949, Teochew Prefecture was administered jointly by Chaozhou City and Shantou City.


Before the People’s Republic of China, Teochew Prefecture had 8 counties:

and the port city of Shantou (汕 头 Sua`3Thao1) which had separated from Chenghai in 1921.


Teochew Prefecture was administered from Chaozhou City in the old days, hence in the old days Chaozhou City was called Hucheng (府 城 Hu42Sia`1) because “Hucheng” meant “government city”.


After 1949 there were a number of changes in the administrative structure of Chaoshan. Prior to the current administrative structure, Shantou City ( 汕 头 市 Sua`3Thou1Chi2) administered all the Teochew counties except Chaoan county which was administered separately by Chaozhou City. Shantou also administered Nan’ao (南 澳 Nam10O`5) Island which was previously administered by Guangdong Province.


Since Dec 1991, Teochew Prefecture (Chaoshan) is divided into 3 regions:


The Teochew (Chaoshan) Prefecture covers 10,400 sq km and has a population of 10 million (including Teochews working in other parts of mainland China, excluding Hong Kong). In addition, it is guestimated that another 5-10 million Teochews live outside mainland China, including those living in Hong Kong.


Chaoshan is populated mainly by Teochews and a minority of Teochew Hakkas who lives mainly in Jiexi.




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