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Shantou City (汕 头 市  Sua`3Thao1Chi2)



The old part of Shantou City was not well maintained: broken/uneven and dirty walkways, including the walkway of Jinyuan Road, the shopping street in Shengping District.  However the newly developed area of Shantou, around People’s Square and South China Mall, looked good.


Linbaixin’s Exhibition Centre (林 心  Lim10Ped01Hen3 Hue20Tian4 Ton3Sim3): Looked like a huge TV set.  Good for a photo. 


People's Square ( 广   Nan10Men1 Kng42Tio`1):  Nice for a walk.  Modern buildings around it. 


Walking street (   Pou0Kia`10Koi3):  Pedestrian mall selling shoes, clothes, children clothes and shoes, etc.  The road leading to the pedestrian mall has dried seafood shops, a tea merchant shop, etc.  The pallet form of Lan Guiren (Lan10Kui54Jin1) tea was very fragrant.  We tasted kungfu tea of various brands before deciding to buy Lan Guiren tea. The price was about 35% of that charged by the shop which the guide had earlier brought us to.


Stone Fortress (   Ziod10Phao54Thai1): Very well built, with moat.  Has interesting ramp to push & pull cannon carts to upper level.  Also has interesting communication chimneys between upper and lower levels.  However it was not properly geared for tourism: no displays/photos of important battles at the fort, instead part of the space was use for storage of tables and chairs, the open ground inside had an abandoned stage.  Inappropriately, there were 2 small wind mills inside the fort. 


Lunch (at Shantou Caiguan) was very good.


Chaoshan 18-dish Dinner (潮 讪 十 八 碟 风 味 餐 Tio`10Sua`3 Zab10Poid01Tid1 Huan3Bi0Chan3):  Excellent.


Zhongshan Park (  Ton3Sua`3 Kon3Hng1):  Not well maintained. 


Bay Bridge (  Hai42Uan3 Tua0Kio1) was operational since December 1995, is 2.5 km long and height clearance of 46m, allowing ships up to 50,000 tons to pass under, to reach Shantou harbour.


Mayu ( 屿  Ma42Ser2) Islet: Long ago fishermen going to sea would release chickens (to improve their karma) on the islet.  In 1860 Britain controlled Shantou Port from this islet.  It was also used as trading place for cheap labour.  Could see Shantou City and Bay Bridge from the islet.  Lots of local people were selling dried seaweeds and dried prawns at the Mazu Temple (   Ma42Zou42Bio0).   

Shantou Queshi Bridge (   Sua`3Thou1 Keg10Ziod10Kio1): The Queshi Bridge is about 1.5 km long.  It replaced the old ferry.  It is operational since February 1999.


Queshi Scenic Area (  Keg01Ziod1 Huan3Ken42Khu3): Graded as AAAA tourist place in Guangdong Province.  We went up by chairlift and came down by mountain luge.  On our second visit in April 2011, we walked up to the top.  There was so much to see on the way, including going through caves.   We came down by mountain luge.


Baihuajiang Temple (   Ped10Hue3Ziam3 Tua0Bio0): Beautiful temple with a pagoda

beside it and rocky mountain behind it.  Worth a visit.


Remnants of stone forest: It is located beside Baihuajiang Temple, 5-minute walk from the gate of the temple.  Columns of rocks with interesting shapes.  The guide said that previously it covered a much larger area, comparable to the stone forest in Yunnan.  However care was not taken to preserve the stone forest when constructing Bay Bridge.  Much of the beautiful stone forest was destroyed.  Still worth a visit.

Dragon Spring Rock (   Len10Zua`10G`ai2):  A large and beautiful temple complex, with mountain in the background. Well maintained.  Dragon with spring on higher ground.  Dragon spring water for sale.    


Shantou University (   Sua`3Thou1 Tai20Hag1:  Tourists were not allowed to enter.  We took photos outside the uninspiring entrance.


Shantou Snacks  We had nice Shantou snacks at a well known snack shop 飄(飘)香小吃店.


Longhu Hotel (   Len10Ou1 Ziu42Tiam5) 4: Unsatisfactory: pealing paints, stained basins and bathrooms, had to re-validate room key every day and waitresses were unable to find tables for our tour group on 2 of the 4 mornings.

 Breakfast: Barely satisfactory, even with olive vegetable (   ka3na10chai5) which came only after we requested for it. 


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