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Nan’ao Island ( 澳 岛  Nam10O`54Tao4

 We had a satisfactory Seafood Lunch, which included sea urchins.


Gold and Silver Island (   Kim3G`in10Tao4), i.e. Treasure Island:  Locals believe that an infamous pirate hid his loot on this island.  The code for location of the treasure was “High tide can’t flood it, Low tide floods 3 ft”.  Scenic. 


Song Well (   Son54Ze`4): Located next to the sea but provides fresh water.  Nice view of the sea along the way.    


General’s Residence (   Zon42Pia`3 Hu4): Not much to see.  A plaque in the compound showed that Nan’ao Island was divided between Fujian and Guangdong provinces for more than 300 years until 1912 when it came under Guangdong Province. 


Recruitment Tree (   Te`0Sen10Kon3 Zio3Pia`3 Chiu0):  Those who wanted to join the army waited under this tree, which is very large.  It is in the compound of General’s Building.    


Guolaoshan Scenic Spot (   Kue42Lao20Sua`3 Ken42Tiam4): The guide brought us to see a Wind Farm instead, claiming that he had not heard of .

Yellow Flower Mountain Park (   Ng10Hue3Sua`3 Siam3Lim1 Kon3Hng1)Went up only to the lower area where there were many stone tortoises, large and small.  Saw pavilions up in the mountains.


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