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Jieyang City (揭 阳市)   Keg10Io`10Chi2


Jieyang City was formerly called Rongcheng Town ( Sen10Sia`10Ten5).


Jinxian Gate (  Zin54Hian10Mng1): Built during Ming Dynasty in 1621 as a gateway to the Confucius Temple.  It has 3 tiers, clearance 8m, width 1.8m and height 20 m. 


West Lake (西   Sai3Ou1): Located next Rongjiang (River).  The 18-turn zigzag bridge leads to a beautifully crafted pavilion in the middle of the lake.  Certain views were very scenic, see photos.  In terms of scenic beauty, better than the West Lake in Chaozhou City.  However had to walk a long distance (or take local transport) to reach it because tour coaches were not allowed to enter that part of Jieyang City.  Jieyang City, unlike Chaozhou City, was not tourist-friendly. 


Jieyang Learning Palace ( 宫  Keg01Io`1 Hag10Ken3):  Previously a Confucius Temple, built in 1140 during Song Dynasty. Renovated by subsequent dynasties.  Subsequently, started by Hanyu (Hanwen Gong), it was used as examination hall for scholars.  Nowadays manuscripts have been replaced by cultural exhibits or special exhibitions, such as butterfly exhibition when we visited the place!  


Chenghuang Temple (   Sia`10Huan10Bio0): Built during Song Dynasty and renovated in 1778.  Recently, renovated again.  Carvings of Tigers and Dragons in stone.   


Double Peak Temple (   San3Hon3Zi`0):  Built in 1140 during Song Dynasty.  Latest renovation in 1986.  Famous for 2 words (Tiger and Longevity) beautifully written by 2 famous calligraphers and subsequently carved in stone.  


Hanyuan Pagoda (   Han10G`uan10 Po42Thad0):  No longer exists.


Temeisi Hotel (特 美 思 酒 店  Teg01Mui42Ser3 Ziu42Tiam5) 4: Impressive lobby but ordinary rooms.

Breakfast at Temeisi Hotel: Good.


Lunch (at Jieyang Hotel): Excellent.


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