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Huilai County  (   Hui20Lai10Kui`0


Its main town is now called Huilai Town (   Hui20 Lai10Ten5).  Formerly it was known as Huicheng Town (   Hui3Sia`10Ten5)


Shenquan Cape Sweet Spring (神 泉 海 角 甘 泉  Sen10Jua`1 Hai42Kag0 Kam3Jua`1): The spring was discovered during the Song Dynasty and a well was dug around the spring. Despite being near the sea, the water was miraculously fresh, hence people called it “god spring”.  The town was then called “Shenquan”, i.e. “God Spring”.  The site was very poorly maintained. 


Kuiyang Park (   Khui10Yan1 Kon3Hng1):  The Pagoda was first built in Ming Dynasty but was burnt down in 1687 and rebuilt in 1737.  It was a beautifully crafted pagoda with 3 tiers. The area around the pagoda was turned into a park. The site was poorly maintained. 


Ke’niaowei Stalagmite Zone (    Khed01Ziao42Bue4 Ziod10Sun42Khu3 ): The guide brought us to a place where there were no columns of rocks and moreover the rocks we saw were nothing spectacular.  Fortunately the sight of rows of wind-powered generators in that area made the trip not totally wasted. 


Golden Bay Botanical Garden (   Sian3Am3Ten5 Kim3Hai42Uan3 Sig10Mued10Hng1): We could not visit it as it was taken over by a private golf club. 


Lunch: Excellent lunch in Huilai Heng Tai Hotel (   Heng10Thai5 Ziu42Tiam5) in Huicheng Town: Shellfish “hai`4”, “g`in10her1” omelette, fried fish, “kue42tiao1” and “pue3len1” vegetable were very delicious.  Stew pork was OK.  However fish(?)-balls were salty and not tasty. 


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