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Chenghai County (澄 海 县  Then10Hai42Kui`0)


The main town is Chengcheng Town (   Then10 Sia`10 Ten5) which is now called Chenghai Town (澄 海 Then10 Hai42 Ten5).


Memorial Tomb of Thailand’s Teochew King:  There was no sealed road to reach it.  Nothing much to see.  We saw broken down huts nearby.


Huafu village (  Hua10Pu54Chng3)  It is the native place of Thailand’s Teochew King (  Thai54Kog0 Te`0Uan1 G`uan10Zi4):  The village can be seen from the memorial tomb, on the other side of a large pond.   Huafu village did not look “magnificent and rich” as its name means.


Former Residence of Chen Cihuan (   Tan10Chi10Huan1 Kou42Ker3):  It is the biggest manor in Chaoshan.  Built in Chinese peasant building style mixed with western style.  Started building in 1910 and took a few decades to complete the 4 blocks, totalling 506 rooms covering 25,400 sq m.  Japanese invaded this part of China when the buildings were completed but not yet fully furnished.  It was built by a family which grew rich from shipping business as well as business in Thailand.  Worth a visit. 


Tashan Ancient Temple ( Thad01Sua`3Bio0):  besides the temple, there were newly built pagoda and pavilion on the mountain, beyond a lake.  Scenic. 


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