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Chaoyang County (潮  阳 县   Tio`10Io`10Kui`0)


Its main town is Chaoyang City (潮 阳   Tio`10Io`10Chi2), formerly known as Miancheng Town (  Mi10Sia`10Ten5).  We did not explore it because the hotel guard said that there were many snatch thefts.


Lotus Flower Peak Scenic Area (   Nai10Hue3Hon3 Huan3Ken42Khu3):   Besides the temple, there were beautiful rocky seaside sceneries. 


Haimen Harbour (   Hai42Mng1 Hai42Kan4): Very small harbour.  Nothing much to see.


Spirit Mountain Temple (   Len10Sua`3 Zi`0): Another temple complex, not spectacular.    


Fairy City Scenic Area (   Sian3Sia`1 Ken42Khu3): Quite an extensive area: 8 pavilions, one for each of the 8 fairies; paintings of Bed-bug Deity on 3rd and 4th level of building in another part of the complex; and lakeside pavilions & zigzag bridges.  2 paintings of Bed-bug Deity show him looking at you and his toes pointing at you, whether you are on the left side, centre or right side of the room. 


Hotel Royal Garden Chaoyang ( Tio`10Io`1 G`in10Pin3Kuan4) 4: Satisfactory.

Breakfast: Satisfactory.


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