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Rock-a-Rock Baby  (Version 2)

(Contributed by Janice Sim Guan Leng)




1.  Romanised Teochew (without tone indicators)

On a on, on kin kon

Kin kon zo lau tia

A bun a bu lai ta` hia

Ta` hia ta` phu phu

Chi ter tua kue gu

Gu bo se` be kia`

Be kia` se` zin zu

Zin zu lon lon i`

A nou thag zer hu khue khi

Ai` kher chau oi kag hou sua`

Ai` lai pe be kua kim hua

Sa` phon chin sia` chug kia` sia`.


2.  Romanised Teochew (with tone indicators)

On2 a3 on2, on20 kin3 kon2

Kin3 kon2 zo54 lau20 tia3

A3 bun1 a3 bu4 lai10 ta`3 hia3

Ta`3 hia3 ta`3 phu10 phu1

Chi0 ter3 tua0 kue54 gu1

Gu10 bo4 se`3 be42 kia`4

Be42 kia`4 se`3 zin3 zu3

Zin3 zu3 lon54 lon54 i`1

A3 nou1 thag10 zer3 hu54 khue3 khi1

Ai`54 kher5 chau42 oi1 kag54 hou20 sua`5

Ai`54 lai1 pe42 be4 kua54 kim3 hua3

Sa`3 phon5 chin54 sia`3 chug01 kia`3 sia`1.


3.  Direct Translation

Rock ah rock, rock Kin Kon

Kin Kon becomes old father

Scholarly person brawny person come carry boots

Carry boots carry rise rise

Rear pigs bigger than cattle

Cow gives birth horse baby

Horse baby gives birth real pearls

Real pearls knock knock round

(My) child studies in time examination

Want go straw sandals and umbrella

Want come white horse wear gold flower.

Three bangs gun sound goes out capital city wall


4.  Proper Translation

Rock-a-rock, rock (baby) Kin Kon

Kin Kon becomes an official

(Servants) Scholar and Brawn come to carry (baby’s) boots

Carry boots to rise

Rear pigs bigger than cattle

Cow gives birth to a foal

Foal gives birth to pearls

Pearls knock till round

(My) child studies in time for examination

Going (to take imperial examination) in straw sandals and umbrella

Returning on white horse and wearing gold flower^.

The sound of three gun salutes goes beyond the walls of the capital city.


^Note: “Wearing gold flower” refers to the headgear of “zo20 g`uan1”, the top scholar at the imperial examination.


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