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For simplicity, fingerprints are grouped into whorl pattern and arch pattern. 


A whorl pattern is elliptical, looks like contours of a hill, and is likened to the whorl of a lo1, i.e. snail.  A whorl has an ellipse or ellipses around the centre of the whorl. 


An arch pattern consists of a series of arches, one on top of the other, looks like a cross-section of a hill.  It is likened to a pun54ki3, i.e. a bamboo basket shaped like a semi-circle, used for carrying dirt/earth, etc.


Count the number of whorls on your 10 digits (fingers & thumbs), then predict your fate according to the Teochew Nursery Rhyme below.  For those without any whorl, then predict your fate according to 10 pun54ki3 at the end.


1. Romanised Teochew (without tone indicators)

Zeig lo zeig tue tue

No lo zao kha phue

Sa` lo bo bi zer

Si lo bo bi chue

G`ou  lo  g`ou chan chng

Lag lo ped sim tng

Chig lo chig iad iad

Poid lo zo kheig ziad

Kao lo kao hon hon

Zab lo zo thai kon


For those without lo:

Zab pun ki mein zod ziu u zi


1. Romanised Teochew (with tone indicators)

Zeig10 lo1 zeig10 tue3tue3

No20 lo1 zao42 kha3phue1

Sa`3 lo1 bo10 bi42 zer4

Si54 lo1 bo10 bi42 chue3

G`ou20 lo1 g`ou20 chan10chng3

Lag10 lo1 ped01 sim3tng1

Chig01 lo1 chig0 iad01iad0

Poid01 lo1 zo54 kheig01ziad1

Kao42 lo1 kao42 hon3hon3

Zab10 lo1 zo54 thai54kon3


For those without lo1:

Zab10 pun54ki3 mein10zod0 ziu20u20 zi1


3. Direct Translation


One snail one calm calm

Two snails run (on) skin of the sole

Three snails don’t have rice (to) cook

Four snails don’t have kueh (to) steam

Five snails five paddy field villages

Six snails worry heart intestines

Seven snails seven benefits benefits

Eight snails become beggar

Nine snails nine abundance abundance

Ten snails become great-grandfather.


For those without whorls:

Ten dirt/earth carriers no need work right away have money.


4. Proper Translation

One whorl predicts a person with a calm personality.

Two whorls predict a person whose life involves much walking/running around.

Three whorls predict a person without rice to cook, i.e. poor.

Four whorls predict a person whose basic needs are met but is not rich.

Five whorls predict a person with many paddy fields, i.e. rich.

Six whorls predict a person who worries unnecessarily.

Seven whorls predict a person born to a life of benefits.

Eight whorls predict a person destined to be a beggar.

Nine whorls predict a person blessed with abundance.

Ten whorls predict a person destined to be a well respected person.


For those without whorls:

Ten arches predict a person who becomes rich without working.


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