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Chinese Zodiac


1.  Romanised Teochew (without tone indicators)

Ig cher

Ji gu

S`a  h`ou

Si thou

G`ou lein

Lag zua

Chig be

Poig  i`o

Kau kau

Zab koi

Zab ig kau

Zab ji ter


2.  Romanised Teochew (with tone indicators)

Ig01 cher4

Ji20 gu1

S`a3  h`ou4

Si54 thou5

G`ou42  lein1

Lag10 zua1

Chig01 be4

Poig01  i`o1

Kau42 kau1

Zab10 koi3

Zab10 ig01 kau4

Zab10 ji20 ter3


3.  Direct Translation

1st rat/mouse

2nd ox/buffalo

(Number) 3 tiger

(Number) 4 rabbit/hare

(Number) 5 dragon

(Number) 6 snake

(Number) 7 horse

(Number) 8 Sheep/goat

(Number) 9 monkey

(Number) 10 chicken

(Number) 11 dog

(Number) 12 pig


4.  Proper Translation

The 1st position is rat/mouse

The 2nd position is ox/buffalo

The 3rd position is tiger

The 4th position is rabbit/hare

The 5th position is dragon

The 6th position is snake

The 7th position is horse

The 8th position is sheep/goat

The 9th position is monkey

The 10th position is chicken

The 11th position is dog

The 12th position is pig



Note: Although Chinese Zodiac is not a nursery rhyme, it was common to teach children how to recite the Chinese Zodiac.


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